Councilman Calls Out SAWS, CPS Energy Board for Huge CEO Pay Raises

Newly elected northwest side Councilman Greg Brockhouse, who earlier this week called out Council colleague Roberto Trevino for his support for that 'Rainbow Crosswalk' scheme, is now blasting the Council-appointed boards of City owned CPS Energy and SAWS for shoving massive piles of cash at their CEO's this week, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"I am disturbed with how this decision was made by the Board of Trustees for both SAWS and CPS Energy," Brockhouse said.  "These decision were made behind closed doors with no transparency.  I want the public to know, their City Council does not have a vote on these salary adjustments."

To say the board members were generous with your money would be an understatement.  CPS Energy CEO Paula Gold-Williams will pocket $735,000 this year, or nearly five times what the Governor will make.  Gold-Williams was given a 10.5% raise.  According to the Department of Labor, the average American worker will see about a 1.5% raise in 2017.  The 'performance bonus' that Gold-Williams will pocket in 2017, $290,000 , the bonus alone, is six and a half times the average salary of San Antonio ratepayers.

Brockhouse says he has no idea, nor does the public have any idea, of the performance measures which went into determining that Gold-Williams did such an awesome job in the past year.

"If we are awarding leadership with over $350,000 in bonus money, I think it is only fair for the City Council to be breifed and consulted for approval," Brockhouse said.  "This is ratepayer money.  It deserved an open and transparent process."


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