Mexican Ambassador to U.S. Blasts 'Myth' About Illegal Immigration

The Mexican Ambassador to the United States is fighting back against the myth that the leaders in his home country encourage residents to sneak into Texas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

"No, the Mexican government does not condone nor promote illegality, or undocumented migrant," he tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

Speaking in San Antonio on Wednesday, Ambassador Geronimo Gutierrez says it's foolish to think that the Mexican government would want to lose hard workers."Mexico is on the losing side," he explains.

The comments come as a truck driver sits behind bars for his role in a smuggling scheme that brought hundreds of undocumented migrants from the border to San Antonio.  Ten died from heat stroke.  Most came from the Mexican state of Aguascalientes, which has a long history of sending workers north.

Some believe the push by the Trump White House to harden international borders encourages would-be migrants to turn to smugglers.  Ambassador Gutierrez says if given the option, Mexican Nationals would immigrate the legal way.

"If people are given the option to give this great country legally, and there is sufficient and appropriate avenues, people will chose to legally," he believes.

He points to a move by the U.S. government to increase Visas as proof that Americans want foreign workers.

The comments were made during a meeting between the Mexican Consulate and several social service groups, which and banding together to help legal migrants who feel they were impacted by the state's new anti-sanctuary city law.  

There's concern that police will target minorities under the bill signed by the governor, which allows officers to ask a person their immigration status

."We're in favor of having a secure border, but we do have concern that SB4 can result in racial profiling."


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