Legislative Bill Would Forbid the Removal of Confederate Monument Downtown

Specifically citing the proposal in San Antonio to remove the 130 year old Confederate Monument from Travis Park, a Texas State Senate has introduced the Monument Protection Act to block that from happening, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

State Sen. Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe) says SB 12 would 'protect Texas' heritage and history.'

The proposal would forbid any historical monument in the state that has existed on public grounds for more than forty years from being 'removed, altered, or renamed.'

"We should not delete evidence of our past to comply with current political correctness," Creighton said.  "These monuments are a great way to learn and teach future generations as parents see fit."

Two San Antonio City Councilmembers, Roberto Trevino and Cruz Shaw, have proposed dismantling the 40 foot tall pillar, which has stood in Travis Park since it was dedicated by the United Daughters of the Confederacy in 1889, and taking it to 'an appropriate place' to be designated by city residents and staffers.

But Creighton says history is history, and the monument should not be moved."These statues and monuments are important to Texans," he said.  "Texans should not erase our history, we should learn from it."

Creighton says he is also concerned about talk of removing a statue of Sam Houston from Hermann Park in Houston, an action which demonstrates the ignorance of some of the people who want to remove historic monuments.  Not only was Houston not a leader or soldier in the Confederacy in any way, Houston was actively despised by Texas Confederate leaders, and was deposed from office as governor because he refused to go along with secession.

"I believe Texas monuments are a way to learn about the history of the Lone Star State," he said.The measure would have to be specifically placed on the agenda by Gov. Abbott for it to be considered in the current special session.

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