Check Your Account Balance? Alexa Can Do That for USAA Members

If you're like most people, the number one reason you go on line to your bank account is to check your balance.  Now, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports, USAA Labs is testing a new product that will let Amazon's digital assistant Alexa check it for you.

USAA Labs Vice President Darius Jones says the progrm, which was developed in conjunction with Amazon and artifical intelligence pioneer Clinc, will allow Alexa to be tied right into whatever accounts a member has at USAA.

"Alexa, how much money do I have in my checking account," Alexa was asked in a demonstration for 1200 WOAI.

"You have a total of 375 dollars 44 cents in your checking account," Alexa responded.

Jones says Alexa's responses were designed to replicate the interaction members have with a USAA service representative on the phone.

"People want to check their bank account balances, but more importantly, we want to strike up a conversation for you to understand what is going on there, and what better way than to be conversational."

He says the technology allows Alexa to also provide historical data on your spending and where you stand for the month, so you can decide whether to go Wendys or Bohannans for dinner

."How much did I spend on groceries?" Alexa was asked."You have spend 71 dollars 44 cents on supermarket purchases this month, which is 15 dollars less than your average over the last four months," Alexa replied.

"We can now give you points of view about how you are spending, and whether you are over your budget compared to the previous month," Jones said.

He says Alexa will not tell you whether to buy that more expensive beef or the cheap stuff for this weekend's cookout, at least not yet.

"What we learn from this pilot will help shape how we view members service in years to come," Jones said.

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