No, the Alamodome Didn't 'Run Out of Beer' at Metallica Concert

Metallica In Concert

No, the Alamodome didn't run out of beer during Wednesday night's Metallica concert, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

When  the Alamdome's beer concession stands went dry at 9PM, a lot of patrons  put two and two together and came up with five, saying the Alamodome  fouled up and didn't stock up enough beer.

But it's the band that's dry, not the dome.

Metallica,  which is proud of its new 'clean and sober' image, requested that the  Alamodome stop selling beer when the band came on stage, and, in a  statement released today, the Alamodome confirmed that.

"It is  common practice for Metallica to request that beer sales be discontinued  as soon as the band takes the stage," the Alamodome said.  "Thus,  beginning at 9PM on Wednesday, all beer sales were discontinued."

The  Alamodome said if a request like that from a performer is made in the  future, signs will be posted at the concession stands warning of the  impending closing time.

Photo: Getty Images

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