Fiesta is a Month Away, but the Fiesta Medal Craze is Going Strong

If you haven't started getting your Fiesta medals yet, boy are you behind the curve.

Charlie Drago, owner of Monarch Trophy, which makes many of the medals which are enthusiastically exchanged during Fiesta, tells News Radio 1200 WOAI the medals have become a celebration unto themsleves, with many people who never attend a single Fiesta event going gaga over medals.

"The biggest things are dangles and spinners," he said.  "And the size is getting bigger."

Drago says the Fiesta Medal craze really began about ten years ago.The art work has been incredible for the last ten years, it's getting better and better," he said.  "But this year we're seeing more theme medals, I would say."

He says another big trend this year that he hasn't seen before is families creating their own Fiesta medals to share with their friends.

And we'll see more and more people with sashes or chests packed with Fiesta medals, when Fiesta actually begins a month from now.

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