Capital Murder Suspect Was Tipped Off--By Jail Employee!

There's an odd twist to the case of the capital murder suspect who was arrested when he went to the Bexar County Jail to pick up property from a previous confinement, News Radio 120 WOAI reports.

When Kenton Maurice Haynes arrived at the jail he was instructed to contact an employee in the Clothing Room to collect the items he had had to check when he was released on bond Wednesday morning.

The person Haynes called was Luis Saldivar, 34.Sheriff Javier Salazar says when Saldivar learned that Haynes was wanted for capital murder when he checked his name on the jail computer.

At that point, Salazar says Saldivar told Haynes, "you have a capital murder warrant out for you.  You should leave the building."

"That information is secret," Salazar said.  "It is not for everybody, and it is certainly not for the suspect who is wanted to have."

He says Haynes was arrested without incident just west of the jail.

He says jail employees are instructed regularly that they need to keep information in the computer database private.Salazar said he doesn't know that there is any connection between Saldivar and Haynes, and he doesn't know if Saldivar may have tipped off any other wanted felons that there was a warrant out for their arrest.

"Haynes was in our front lobby and he used an internal phone to call the property room to obtain his property," Salazar said.  "I can't even fathom what prompted this person to do that, but fortunately our deputies were on the job and got that suspect into custody."

Amazingly, Salazar says Saldivar then called the front desk to tell them that Haynes was in the building.

"He then called the front desk, to tell him that Haynes was fleeing the location."He says Haynes was arrested just west of the jail.

Saldivar, who has been with the Sheriff's department since 2012, is charged with Hindering Apprehension.  He is also being processed for termination from the Sheriff's Department.

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