Undecided Voters Assess Top Three S.A.Mayoral Candidates at Trinity University Debate

By Morgan Montalvo


San Antonio's three mayoral front-runners last evening debated platforms and policies at trinity University's Laurie Auditorium.

For two hours  challengers Ron Nirenberg and Manuel Medina, along with incumbent Ivy  Taylor, fielded questions mostly sent in online prior to the 6 p.m.  event. 

The face-off  attracted committed supports and undecideds, among the latter friends  and co-workers Delia Hernandez and Tania Arabian. who've resolved to  make 2017 their year for political involvement and activism. 

"We're all  very interested in what's going on in our city, and the future of our  city," Hernandez said. "That's why we're here. We want to be educated  and informed voters."

Hernandez said immigration and health care are among the issues important to her.

Arabian, who  moved to San Antonio three years ago from San Diego, California,  considers herself still a neophyte when it comes to Texas politics.

"I'm fairly  new to Texas, and I don't feel like I was actively involved in the past  two or three years because I just didn't have the knowledge to be  involved," Arabian said, adding that she has decided to change that in  2017.

She said she  has attended public forums hosted by her state representative, and plans  to be at all mayoral debates before deciding on her choices for the May  6 city elections.

Arabian said  she shares Hernandez' views on immigration and women's health, and also  accommodating urban growth "but preserving the amazing things we already  have." 

The two  friends agree they can serve as ideological eyes and ears for friends  and relatives unable to be present at political forums.

"Giving  advice to our families,"Hernandez said, "we can at least guide them and  say, 'You know what? This is what this candidate said at the debate.' "

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