Former SAPD Officers Get Prison for Bizarre Sex Scheme

Two former San Antonio Police Officers are going to prison after putting together a bizarre scheme to convince random women to have sex with them, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Following a sensation and emotional trial in which both officers were found guilty on all counts, Emmanuel Galindo was sentenced to ten years in prison Monday night, and Alejandro Chapa got six years in the slammer.

Back in 2015, they hatched a scheme which involved making up an 'undercover operation' that both officers claimed to be leading.

They lured women, mainly in the Metrocom area, with promises that they could make 'up to $5,000 a day' participating in the 'undercover operation.'  But first, Chapa and Galindo said the women had to prove themselves by 'achieving levels of excellence,' by having sex with the two men.

Many of the women testified that they thought that it was legit because some of them investigated, and determined that the men were real San Antonio Police Officers.

Both resigned from the force when they were indicted in 2015.“

We passionately support our law enforcement community but when men and women abuse their authority, we will hold them accountable,” said District Attorney Nico LaHood. “These convictions are not a reflection on the entire law enforcement community, but the individuals convicted are examples of those who dishonor the badge.”

There never was any 'undercover operation' and the men were convicted of crimes ranging from Official Oppression to Sexual Assault.


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