Cops Bust 'Ghost' in Indonesia

A police raid on a karaoke club in Indonesia produced a rather peculiar  photograph that left some people wondering if it featured the face of a  ghost!

The strange image, taken on Friday evening in the city of Probolinggo, shows authorities interviewing patrons of the club.

A woman seen sitting on a couch in the background of the photo appears  to sport an almost demonic-looking face and eerie glowing eyes.

As one can imagine, the woman's ghostly appearance sparked the  imagination of Indonesians seeing news of the police raid and the odd  image spread like wildfire on social media in the country over the  weekend.

The furor over the photo was so profound, in fact, that it wound up  receiving national news attention in Indonesia and even prompted one  media outlet to enlist a self-described psychic for insight into the  image.

Find out about his analysis and how it quickly unraveled at the Coast to Coast AM website.