Skittles has replaced its usual rainbow-colored candy and bright packaging with white candy and black-and-white bags to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month. But as with so many things these days, there's a bit of controversy about it. Skittles has actually done this for the past two years, with the branding that there's only "one rainbow" during Pride month -- which is June -- since rainbow colors are an LGBTQ symbol. But some people online are pointing out that all-white for Pride is being a bit tone deaf, since it could be read as "white pride." Still most people get the point of Skittles' campaign, which is explained in their statement: "Only one rainbow matters this Pride. Give the rainbow, taste the rainbow. All the lentils are white in celebration of pride. Enjoy the mystery mix." The "mystery mix" means, of course, since all the skittles are white, you don't know what flavor you're biting into.