Die hard Spurs fans all have their game day rituals that they think will help ensure a win, but now we can add to that list Spurs Prayer Candles.


      Robert Tatum, a local artist and owner of Tatum Originals says San Antonio is known as being a traditionally spiritual city and with the Spurs in the playoffs, he wanted to combine the two.


      “It’s very iconic and it just works for the love and the unity the fans feel for their Spurs,” Tatum said. “It just came down to the pride of the city, that’s why I think they’re so popular.”


      It’s a simple design, two hands clasped together in prayer with the team’s name spelled out in their colors. Tatum says his shirts and candles have been getting attention from all different types of fans.


      “I’ve seen these candles and people wearing my shirts in bars, stores, restaurants, and the best thing is all these people come from different religious backgrounds,” he said. “Bottom line is, were all united out of love for our team.”


      Most people want Spurs Prayer candles not because they think they’ll some how they will make their team win but for what they represent, Tatum said.


      “It’s a novelty idea, it’s fun it makes a lot of people smile, it’s not something to take literal,” Tatum said. “The praying hands signify wishing for something."