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A new survey on issues that concern Americans revealed that a remarkable number of people believe in a variety of conspiracy theories, including one that doesn't even exist!


Conducted by California's Chapman University, the third annual inquiry into what Americans fear provided a fascinating glimpse into conspiracy beliefs and culture.


Researchers found that, of the 1,511 respondents, a considerable percentage said that they subscribed to a variety of different conspiracy theories.


A whopping 54% of the people surveyed indicated a belief that the government is concealing the truth about 9/11.


The JFK assassination followed close behind with 49% and the ET presence as well as global warming also topped the forty percent mark.


But perhaps most telling among the results from the survey is that nearly 33% of the people said that they believe the government is hiding the truth about the 'North Dakota crash.'

What makes this truly astounding is that there is no such conspiracy theory!

Find out more details on the remarkable study and what researchers say it tells us about conspiracy theorists at the C2C website.