Officials say a Madison High School student who was arrested this morning after he carried three loaded weapons, including an AK-47 assault rifle, into the school had a list of demands that he 'wanted to read over the intercom,' 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "He said if those demands were not met, he was going to commit some sort of violence."   the student is being charged as an adult with making terroristic threats, and bringing a gun into a prohibited place.


  Aubrey Chancellor, the communications officer at the North East ISD, told 1200 WOAI she doesn't know what the demands were.


  She says the student was reported as a runaway this morning, and his parents noticed that the guns were missing.


  "His parents went to school later and found him there," she said.  "They asked him to search his backpack and they did and that's where the guns were found.  It looks like the guns came from his own home."


  After the parents searched his backpack, they asked him where the third gun was. 


  "It seems like they checked where they keep the guns and when they arrived at school they searched his backpack and specifically asked him where the third gun was."


    That weapon, which was the AK-47, was recovered by school  district police in a Madison High School rest room.  None of guns had been fired.


  "He had two guns on his person, and the knife, and then he admitted to hiding another gun in the bathroom," she said.


  Officials said the weapons were apparently taken from the student's parents' home.  She says no other guns are unaccounted for.


  "He did say he was upset at a teacher," Chancellor said.  "Thankfully, whatever he had planned was averted this morning."