A bunch of women walking around topless is bound to attract a lot of attention, and that's what will be happening in San Antonio this summer, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's MIchael Board reports.

  Organizers of 'Go Topless Day,' which they say is a fight for 'gender equality' say they will take their topless protest to San Antonio this year.

  "What we're fighting for under Go Topless Day is, if a man can be topless anywhere, I should have the same right to be topless under the Constitution," spokeswoman Donna Newman said.

  She calls it a 'gender equality' issue, and says there is no reason why a woman's breast should be considered to be 'obscene' when men's breasts aren't.

   "I've seen men who have bigger breasts than some women," she said.  "They're out there flopping around and it's legal."

  She says the demonstration has been held over the last several summers in Austin, but this year they are moving to San Antonio, because laws in the Alamo City are considered 'more restrictive.'

  "It's not illegal, but there is a possibility that police could arrest (the topless women' for other things," Newman said.

  She says in addition to achieving gender equality, the group's motive is also to 'desexualize' breast feeding in public, which she says still is 'shamed' in some places.