A coalition of Texas Tea Party groups today will unveil their proposals for dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants into the state, and the cornerstone of the plan, according to San Antonio Tea Party spokesman George Rodriguez says it starts with immediate deportations of everybody who enters Texas illegally, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  "The best thing to do would be to stop the flow by deporting people, by sending people back," Rodriguez said.  "We also have to stop the 'magnets' that are drawing people here illegally. Stop encouraging people from coming to the U.S. by providing welfare, by providing education, by providing all sorts of assistance that we currently provide to non citizens coming into the state."

  Rodriguez says the state should offer basic food and other sustenance to people who come here illegally.

  "We would nurse them to a certain extent, they have been through a harrowing experience.  We would provide only a minimum just to get them on their feet and then send them back.  But the problem is, now we are providing them with attorney, we are providing them with education, we are doing everything wrong, and we have to stop that."

  He says the main reason illegal immigrants come here is that they know they will receive benefits thanks to the U.S. taxpayer that they would never receive in their home countries.

  "Rather than us paying billions of dollars for health care, for attorney's fees, for education, we should be paying millions of dollars in airline tickets back to their home," he said.

  Governor Perry has gotten high marks and has jump started his potential campaign for President in 2016 through what many Republicans see as his 'tough' stand on immigration.  Btu Rodriguez says state government has behaved in a 'cowardly' fashion by not taking the tough steps he says are needed to truly get a handle on the nation's porous borders.