The more than 25 year partnership between Southwest Airlines and Sea World will end at the end of 2014, under mutual agreement from the Airline and the aquatic theme park firm, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Southwest and Sea World said they decided not to renew the contract, which dates back to 1988. 'based on shifting priorities.'

  Sea World says its promotions will focus more on 'new and growing markets' in Latin America and Asia.  Southwest is also adding international service, and wants to focus on 'local market efforts.'

  The partnership brought us 'Shamu One,' the Southwest 737 painted to look like Sea World's famous killer whale.

  Southwest says the three planes which are painted in Sea World colors will 'return to their traditional livery,' of red and blue.

  Southwest and Sea World both reject the claims, but animal rights groups are taking credit for the end of the deal, saying they 'shamed' Southwest into dropping Sea World over concerns about animal abuse, and cited the 2012 movie 'Blackfish' as one reason why Southwest ended the agreement.