Democratic governor candidate Wendy Davis apparently wants a campaign with more of a Texas accent.

 The campaign announced today that Karin Johanson, who has been Davis' campaign manager for six months, is leaving, and she will be replaced by veteran Texas State Rep Chris Turner (D-Arlington).   Turner has spent nearly 20 years managing and running in Democratic campaigns.  Turner is seen as a pro business Democrat, who has managed to get elected in a largely Republican district.

  "He is an honorable public servant, a highly regarded political strategist, and a friend who believes in my vision for all Texans," Davis said.

  Johansen, who joined the Davis campaign in December, has extensive experience running Democratic campaigns, but little experience in Texas.  She has, for example, managed the campaign of Wisconsin Senator Tammy Baldwin, as well as campaigns in Maryland.

  Texas has been a backwater for Democratic candidates for years, and Davis apparently hopes to tap into Turner's ability to speak to middle class voters who have generally leaned Republican.