Early Thursday morning, when a 22 year old shooting victim was dying outside his apartment in the 7800 block of Callaghan Road, he told officers he had been shot 'by a friend of Sara.'  Early this morning, police arrested Sara.


  Sara Mary Clements, 23, is charged with murder.


  "The person who was arrested in this case contacted the homicide investigators," Police Officer Roger Zuniga said.  "They were able to bring her in for questioning.  They were able to determine that she at the location at the time of the murder.  Due to statements made by the victim at the time he died, she was arrested for murder."


  Zuniga didn't say why police feel that Clements committed the murder.


  "Because of the coverage in the media, she contacted the investigators," Zuniga said.


  He didn't say if police suspect others were also involved in the crime.