San Antonio ranks 6th in the nation in our adoption of solar power, placing the Alamo City clearly ahead of the curve in the drive to adopt sustainable energy technology, and shows how Texas is successfully adopting an 'all of the above' energy strategy, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  San Antonio currently has 84 megawatts of installed solar energy generating technology, placing the city well on the way toward CPS Energy's stated goal of having 100 megawatts of non wind renewable energy sources by 2020.  One megawatt is enough energy to power, on average, 750 to 1,000 homes.


  Matt Lingvai with Austin-based Self Reliant Solar says, thanks largely to the adoption of new technologies by San Antonio and CPS Energy, the price of solar panels has fallen sharply in the last several years.


  "In addition to the local support from CPS Energy, this is a really good time to make the investment," Lingvai said.


  Analysts say the growth of solar power will help spur additional growth, by bringing down costs, and making solar power more reliable.  In fact, there is more than 200 times as much solar photovoltaic capacity installed in the U.S. today compared to 2002.  San Antonio is by far the leader in solar expansion, with far more solar power generating capacity than Houston, Dallas, and even the self congratulatory Austin.


    For years, solar power was seen as 'quirky' and the domain of 'environmentalist wackos.'  But today, solar and other alternative energy sources are taking their place in the mainstream as prices continue to fall.


  "Some of our clients are saving anywhere in the range of thirty to eighty percent of their energy bill," he said.


  CPS Energy under President Doyle Beneby has been a national leader in using a municipal owned utility to encourage the growth of alternative energy.  CPS Energy has attracted solar companies like OCI Solar and Nexolon America to the city, bringing with it more than 800 jobs, major levels of investment, and the construction of several solar cell fields to generate electricity.


  "The cost of solar coming down, there is a growing awareness of solar power as a mainstream energy solution with widespread benefits for our health, our economy, and the environment," said Luke Metzger of Environment Texas.


  A similar report recently concluded that Texas is one of the leading generators of wind power in the country.  And with the Eagle Ford and the Cline fracking fields in full production, Texas truly is an 'all of the above' energy producer.