Robert Adrian Rendon, 31, of San Angelo is held on $750,000 bond in the Bexar County Jail after attempting to shoot police officers in Fredericksburg and San Antonio, San Antonio Police Chief William McManus said.


  Rendon is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder of a police officer.


 1200 WOAI's Morgan Montalvo reports the drama began about 2AM Saturday in Fredericksburg when officers attempted to pull over Rendon's car in what was described as a routing traffic stop.


  Rendon opened fire, shooting the officer in the neck and stomach, and then sped away, leading officers from several departments on a chase down  281 through Comal and into Bexar Counties.


  "One of our lieutenants waited until we were in a less populated area," McManus said of the pursuit.  "When the backdrop was good, he allowed the officers to return fire."


  Rendon was not hit by gunfire, but he wrecked his car near I-10 and Ackerman Road in far east San Antonio.


  "There was quite a bit of thought and planning put into where we would fire back at the vehicle," McManus said.   "Because apparently this individual was not going to be stopped or take peacefully."


  While Rendon was being dragged off to jail, the Fredericksburg officer was being airlifted to SAMMC.


  McManus described the suspect as a 'pretty bad actor.'  He says the man had an assault style weapon and a handgun.


  McManus didn't say why Rendon went berserk during the Fredericksburg traffic stop.


  "He had two large-round magazines taped back to back for quick  ejection and quick re-insertion of the magazines, so apparently we're dealing with someone who knew what they were doing," McManus said.