This is graduation week, and local high schools have a new regulation for graduates--no selfies!

"All of their personal effects, including their cell phones, need to be left with their families," said Aubrey Chancellor of the San Antonio North East ISD.

She says before the students line up for the procession into the ceremony, and before the familiar strains of 'Pomp and Circumstance' start playing, students are instructed to make sure their smart phones are not hidden in their black graduation gowns.

"We do expect that it is a formal ceremony, so we do expect them not to take selfies, take pictures, anything of that nature," Chancellor said.

School districts say not only does participating in social media detract from the true achievements of the graduates, it also wastes time.  Graduation ceremonies in a large high school that could have 500 to 700 graduating seniors takes long enough without kids pausing on stage to take goofy pictures with the superintendent.

Chancellor says generally the students are very respectful of the graduation ceremony.  She says sometimes it's the grad's families that get out of hand.

"Every student needs to have that opportunity to hear their name announced as they cross the stage," she said.

Chancellor says there will be plenty of opportunity for the newly minted graduates to update their Facebook status, post pictures on Instagram, and take selfies with their friends, along with participate in more old fashioned graduation pursuits, like toss their caps into the air, after the ceremony is over.