San Antonio Police said today that the six young men who broke into Sea World of Texas early yesterday morning were engaging in a fraternity initiation task, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  A police report released today says the two suspects 'were students who had been given a task by a fraternity.  They stated the task was to sneak into Sea World after hours and take various pictures with the animals in the park."


  The two were arrested and are facing charges of criminal trespassing on private property.


  Police said they didn't tell them what fraternity had given then the task, or who had delegated it to them.


 "The suspects had all driven together, were not staying at any nearby homes or hotels, and planned on driving back to Houston when the task had been completed," the police repot says.


  One of the men admitted to stealing 'Dippin Dots' ice cream from a freezer, but he said that was not part of the initiation.


  Another officer said the group had been told to 'take pictures of Sea World's animals after dark.'


  They got into the park by climbing a tree that hangs over the perimeter fence.


  No items were taken or damaged.