. A 41 year old San Antonio man, Frank Lara, was sentenced to four life terms for the sexual trafficking and forced prostitution of a 16 and a 13 year old girl, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

. Lara placed ads on line offering the girls for sex for a price, and he would keep the proceeds from the forced encounters.

. Amazingly, Lara did all this from his mother's home, because he was on electronic monitoring and house arrest from previous felonies, including robbery, burglary, and drug offenses.

. Even when he knew he was under investigation, and the two girls had been rescued, Lara couldn't help himself, continuing to force children into prostitution, and bookmarking web sites devoted to the sexual abuse if children and teenagers.

.  Prosecutors say enhanced sex trafficking laws and Lara's criminal past allowed the four life sentences.