The transportation nightmare bug will come down hard this weekend on the tens of thousands of motorists who use the I-10 DeZavala Road interchange, which is one of the busiest surface street/expressway connections in the city, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Josh Donat of the Texas Department of Transportation says it all starts tonight, when eastbound I-10 will be pinched down to a single lane at DeZavala.  He says that will facilitate a major lane adjustment.

  By Saturday morning, the eastbound lanes will all have been moved onto the westbound I-10 bridge over DeZavala.

  "The main lanes are going to be pushed over towards the westbound lanes, we are going to have three lanes in each direction," Donat said.

  That is compared with four lanes in each direction today.  In order to turn a four lane bridge into a six lane bridge, Donat says each lane will be narrowed, from the usual 13 to 15 feet wide to 11 feet, to be able to squeeze three westbound and three eastbound lanes onto one bridge.

  "This weekend, we are actually going to demolish what is now the eastbound overpass bridge, and to do that, it is going to require the total closure of DeZavala Road at I-10."

  He says all traffic will be squeezed onto the eastbound bridge while the new bridge is built, a process that will take about six months.  Then, all traffic will be diverted onto the new eastbound bridge while the westbound bridge is demolished and rebuilt.  The total process will take about a year.

  But the annoyance doesn't end there.

  "The turnaround at I-10 and DeZavala road will be closed," he said.  "That starts Friday night and it will go for about a year."

  He says all this is needed to build wider overpasses at DeZavala, as part of the $44 million widening of the expressway from Huebner to Loop 1604.  The DeZavala exit ramps off of I-10 have been closed for several weeks in preparation for this weekend's shift.