An emergency this morning at San Antonio Madison High School, after a student was found with two loaded guns and a knife in his backpack, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "He had two guns on his person and the knife, and then he admitted to hiding another gun in the bathroom," Aubrey Chancellor, the North East ISD Director of Communications, told 1200 WOAI news.  She confirms that the weapon found in the school restroom was an AK-47, a high powered 'assault style' weapon.  All three guns were loaded.


  "Last week his parents reported him as a runaway," Chancellor said.  "Today he was returning to school, and as part of our protocol, the parents, the students, and the police all get together and talk before returning to school.  During the course of that conversation, they decided to search his backpack, and that's when they found the weapons."


  She said the gun was recovered from the bathroom.


  She said the student will be charged, but she says it has not been determined what the charge will be.  He is currently in the custody of North East ISD Police.


  "Certainly, this is serious and it will be treated as such," adding "I'm sure he will be taken from the school to jail."


  Chancellor did say the student was 'upset at a teacher,' but his motive right now is uncertain.


  "At this point we don't know," she said.  "That will likely come as part of the investigation."


  She didn't know who the teacher was who was involved.


  "Thankfully, whatever he had planned was averted this morning," she said.


  She says any time something like this happens, school officials are alarmed.


  "We have protocols in place, and whatever this student had planned today was averted, and thankfully the police did their job today and the administration was on top of things and nothing bad happened.