Fiesta ended on a hot note, with near record high temperatures ushering out the annual festival on Sunday, but at the Fiesta Commission, they're already thinking about next year, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "Review what worked in 2014 and determine how we can improve and make it biggest and better for 2015," said John Mellekey, the Executive Director of the Fiesta Commission.


  One thing that is certain.  Fiesta 2015 will go back to the traditional 10 day affair, running from April 16-26.  This year's Fiesta was extended to 17 days, the longest ever, because of the fact that Good Friday and Easter Sunday landed right in the middle of the usual San Jacinto Day observance of Fiesta.  for decades Fiesta was called Fiesta San Jacinto to coincide with April 21st.   That designation was dropped in the 1970s to avoid upsetting Mexico.


  An extra week was put in the middle of this year's Fiesta with some events continuing during Holy Week.  Without the extra week, either the Battle of Flowers Parade would have taken place n Good Friday, or the last day of the big first weekend events like Taste of New Orleans and the Oyster Bake would have taken place on Easter Sunday.


  Nest Year Easter Sunday is much earlier, on April 5th, and Good Friday will be on April 3rd, neither of which will interfere with Fiesta events.


 Mellekey says one possibility for Fiesta 2015 is to expand the 'green' events.


  "We doubled the number of events that qualified for the 'green event' status with the city, and we are looking at how we can expand that even more in 2015," he said.


  And Mellekey said they're already looking ahead to 2016.  That will be Fiesta's 125th birthday, and a major blow out is planned.