There has been a lot of talk lately about Google Fiber and AT&T offering super fast Internet service in San Antonio.

  But 1200 WOAI news reports that GVTC, a small, mainly rural ISP based in Smithson Valley, will beat them both to the punch, offering so called Gigabit Internet Service this September.

  "We have laid over the past ten years more than 2200 miles of fiber optic cable," GVTC CEO Ritchie Sorrells told 1200 WOAI news.  "It is in front of nearly 40,000 residences and business customers."

  GVTC serves Kendall, western Comal, northern and northwestern Bexar and most of Gonzales County.  Sorrells credits the cooperation of the towns of Bulverde, Boerne, and Gonzales for allowing the project to be completed.

 In fact, the area served by GVTC's super high speed Internet, which will be about 100 times faster than currently available service, is being called the 'GigaRegion,' and Sorrells says being the first in the area to roll out gigabyte Internet service will be a huge boost for the economies of the areas they serve.

  "Every home down averages about seven devices that connect to the Internet, so it stands to reason that customers see more value and their is more interest in being connected to super fast networks," he said.

  Sorrells and community officials say the lure of gigabit service will lure new employers, especially firms which are heavy on tech.

  He says with more reliance on streaming services like Netflix, the availability of super high speed home Internet service will also be an attraction for people who want to move to the region to choose the GigaRegion.

  While Google and AT&T both announced earlier this year that they are 'considering' San Antonio for high speed service, and the service itself is expected to remain 'vaporware' for a long time to come, GVTC began laying fiber optic cable a decade ago.  None of the major companies has actually laid an inch of fiber in San Antonio.

  Sorrells says it will be a 'Fiber to the Home' service, which is the fastest and most efficient possible.  In fact, the industry web site Fierce Telecom says Texas has become 'the leader in Fiber to the Home services.'

  So how much will GVTC's Internet service cost?  He says that decision hasn't been made, but he says the company certainly has no plans to price itself out of the market after making such a major investment in FTTH.

  "We're not the Google model, but we know we have to be competitive in our marketplace," he said.  "We compete with the big boys in every product that we offer."