The late Ann B. Davis, the 'Brady Bunch' icon who died Sunday from a head injury suffered in the bathroom of her Boerne home, is being remembered as class American comedian who was also a strong force for good for Christianity, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "She was a magnificent part of every congregation she encountered," said retired Episcopalian Bishop William Frey.  "When she was on the road she would find the local Episcopal Church wherever she was, and she would call them her 'fly fathers," because she was on the fly all the time."


  Frey said Davis traveled around the country for the last forty years, giving testimony of her 'midlife conversion of a devoted Christian woman."


  "Since we've lived in San Antonio, which is almost 18 years, she has been a fixture at St. Helen’s Church in Boerne," Frye said.  "She would do Bible study twice a week, she would sing in the choir, every time they opened the doors, she would be there."


  Davis, who portrayed Alice the housekeeper on the classic sitcom 'The Brady Bunch' and who won two Emmy's for her role as Schultzy on 'The Bob Cummings Show,' remained a part of Hollywood, even after she became active in Christianity.  She appeared in several Brady Bunch reunions, incluidng 'A Very Brady Christmas,' and she also appeared in the movie "Naked Gun 33 1/3, the Final Insult.'  She was also a fixture on TV commercials.


  Bishop Frey said Hollywood couldn't get enough of Ann Davis.


  "In the past of the last four years, she has turned down all offers from Hollywood, as she was slowing down physically," he said.  He said she was suffering from hearing loss, but was otherwise in good physical shape when she slipped in her bathroom on Saturday.  She died on Sunday at University Hospital.


  "She became a committed Christian," Frey recalled.  "She wanted to help the church in any way she could.  That continued until the day she died."