San Antonio has participated in two spring traditions, seeing the Spurs win in the playoffs, and getting free coffee at Valero Corner Stores.


  Today was no different, as fans flocked to Valero Corner Stores to grab coffee after the Spurs victory over the Thunder last night.


  "Back in 2007 we started the process," said Kim Bowers, who is the CEO of CST Brands, the independent company that runs more than 1900 Valero branded convenience stores.  "It is a natural partnership between the Corner Stores and Valero and the Spurs.  It's our home town team."


  Bowers says CST Brands is on track to give away more than one million cups of coffee during the Spurs playoff run.


  "We don't mind winning the Finals in four games," joked Joe Gorder, the CEO of Valero. 


  Bowers says the free coffee promotion has been a major asset to the Valero branded convenience stores, getting customers into the stores and helping get them fired up about the Spurs.


  She says they even have a special offer for Oklahoma City fans!


   "Come in and get free coffee, and we'll give you a tissue to cry with, too."