A Texas firm is trying to find temporary foster homes for some of the illegal immigrant children who have arrived unaccompanied from Central America in the past several weeks, News Radio 1200 WOAI's Michael Board reports.

  Dawnya Underwood with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services says the need is great.

  "Provide safety, protection, and comfort in such a time of this stress," she said.

  Several thousand of the roughly 60,000 Central Americans which have flowed into Texas from Central America in recent weeks have been unaccompanied children. Their families back home have been suckered by cartels into borrowing thousands of dollars to pay them to ship them into the U.S., generally by making phony claims that the U.S. allowed unaccompanied children to remain, or some such nonsense.

  Then the children arrive here and find themselves being processed by Health and Human Services.  Underwood says after that happens, they need someplace to go.

  She says unlike other foster children, these kids are different.  She says very few of them have been abused or neglected, and the adoptions are for a very short term duration.

  "Getting them adjusted to living in a homelike environment, until they are transferred to the families in the U.S. who they will be living with," she said.

  The group's Kristine Popalawski says foster families need training.

  "A person needs to get trained and licensed in their state to be able to become a foster parent," she said.