Long time University of Texas System Chancellor Fransicso Cigarroa has joined the growing number of individuals who oppose the 'campus carry' law which is set to take effect next summer, allowing college students who have a Concealed Handgun License to carry their concealed weapons onto college campuses, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Cigarroa, who is a pediatric transplant surgeon and has resumed his practice at San Antonio's University Hospital and at the U.T. Health Science Center, where he used to be President, says his experience in medicine shaped his opposition.

  "I well know the impact and the devastation that a gunshot can do to a human being," Cigarroa said.

  The law allows university presidents to designate a portion of their campuses as 'gun free zones,' but it does not allow them to designate so much of the university to be gun free that it defeats the purpose of the law.

  Cigarroa says when the issue first came up he was the UT Chancellor, and he got a report from campus police officers across the university system.

  "It is really the majority opinion of the law enforcement, the staff, and the students that campuses would not be made safer," by allowing guns on campus, he said.

  Many opponents stress that many university students are away from home for the first time in a stressful new environment, an environment which often includes drinking and drug use, and stressful relationships.  In addition, professors are concerned about stimulating debate in their classrooms if one student may feel like ending that debate with a firearm.

  "To me its the issue of, does this make the campus safer or not," Cigarroa said.  "It was my conclusion that we could do it a better way."

  Supporters of campus carry say anti gun groups have overstated the dangers of citizens carrying concealed handguns ever since concealed carry was first passed in the 1990s, claiming that 'ever fender bender accident will turn into the shootout at the OK Corral.'  They say people who work and live on campus, and people who commute through campuses, should have the right to defend themselves just like people who live and work off campus have.

  The campus carry law is set to take effect August 1, 2016 which will be, ironically, the 50th anniversary of the Charles Whitman Texas Tower shooting incident.

  Several lawmakers say they will work to repeal campus carry following the mass shooting on the junior college campus in Oregon last month.