Since much opposition to immigration reform is led by Christian evangelicals in the Tea Party movement, supporters of immigration reform have some evangelicals of their own.

  The Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, which has been very active in pro life and so called 'Promise Keepers' movements, the foundation of conservative Christian evangelism, says it will push its parishioners to get active in support of comprehensive immigration reform.

  "We will not vote for a candidate who is not supportive of comprehensive immigration reform," The Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who heads the HCLC, told 1200 WOAI news.

  The groups say supporting immigration reform is the heart of their Christian mission, because immigrants, especially the immigrant children who are now seeking refuge in Texas, are the very people Jesus taught his followers to love and care for.

  "As Latino Christians, we are not married to the donkey or the elephant," Rodriguez said.  "We are exclusively dedicated to the agenda of the lamb."

  More and more immigrant and first generation Latinos are joining evangelical Christian movements in the United States, largely because they see them as more akin to the activist Catholic congregations they and their families left behind in Mexico or Latin America.

  Rodriguez says his organization is fully committed to the immigration reform movement.

  "We will have a Get Out the Vote engagement Sunday, where we will register born again Christians, Christ followers, who will make that commitment to work for immigration reform,' he said.