Yesterday's narrowly averted incident at Madison High School is being picked up by advocates of increased gun restrictions to point out why those restrictions are needed, 1200 WOAI News reports.


  Jamie Addams with the Michael Bloomberg-associated group "Moms Demand Action, which says it is favor of common sense gun laws, says the fact that a troubled 17 year old went to Madison with a loaded AK-47 demonstrates that new restrictions are needed.


  "This is just another indicator that there are sensible gun laws that can be put in place to minimize these threats to our children’s health and safety," Addams said.


  Brandon Tarwater, 17, was charged late Monday as an adult with two felony counts, making terroristic threats and bringing a weapon into a prohibited area.  Bond was set at $300,000.


  Officials said Tarwater stole the AK-47 and two other guns from his parents' home, and when the parents discovered they were missing, they rushed to Madison to confront Brandon, who told officials he wanted to read a 'list of demands' over the school intercom.  None of the guns was fired and nobody was hurt.


  "There is not one solution that is going to solve the gun violence epidemic in the U.S., but in the state of Texas, there is not a lot that has been offered up to try to solve the problem," Addams said.


  Pro-gun groups are also using the Madison incident to buttress their position.


  "We are presented with the evidence that the notion of a 'gun free zone' does not deter a criminal mind," said Victoria Montgomery, a spokeswoman for Open Carry Texas.


  "Open Carry Texas will continue to lobby for legislation allowing the arming of school staff members in the fight to prevent more senseless loss of life."


  State law allows 'school marshals' to be in schools, armed employees who receive special training.  But the marshals are only allowed in schools which do not have district police forces, so marshals could not have been allowed at Madison High School.