Democratic candidate for Governor Wendy Davis told a wildly cheering crowd at a rally today that she and her fellow Democrats support equal pay for women, while Texas Republicans clearly don't, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Davis blasted Abbott for indicating he would not sign a law which mandated equal pay for women working in comparable jobs, and blasted the Republican governor nominee for not taking a strong stand on the issue.


  "Act like a Texan and answer this question for yourself," Davis said to a cheering, mostly female crowd.  "What on earth is going on at your Attorney General's office?  why do you think its okay to pay women in your office less than men when they do the same work."


  The pay equity issue clearly has given Davis' underdog campaign legs.  The Republicans have been on the defensive, and Davis mocked an Abbott surrogate for her comments defending the Republican.


  "He brought out a surrogate who runs a political action committee running his campaign," she said.  "She said women are too busy for equal pay!"


  "Seriously," Davis said as the crowd hooted and jeered.


  And Davis pounced on Abbott for accepting pay raises for himself while fighting a pay equity case in court.


  "While he was in court fighitng against equal pay, he was busy accepting two massive pay hikes for himself," he said.


  The equal pay issue clearly has legs for the Davis campaign.  The Democrats are trying hard to appeal to women who have voted Republican for the last several races as they try to fight back from the political wilderness, and issues like not fighting for equal treatment for women in the work place is the kid of issue which hits home for suburban women.