It's beginning to appear that the indictment of Rick Perry on serious charges of misusing his office could turn out to backfire on the Democrats, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  John Weekley, an Austin based political analyst, says supporters of the person who is facing charges in what is perceived to be a politically motivated prosecution actually increases, and people who had no opinion before have a tendency to feel sympathy with a person who appears to have been unfairly targeted.

  Weekley cites two incidents which Democrats should remember.

    "When Bill Clinton was impeached, for good cause according to the Constitution, Bill Clinton rose above the circumstances of that problem, and fully recovered," Weekley says.

  Also, Democrats and the White House are actually encouraging talk of a Republican attempt to impeach President Obama, because they feel that would help the Democrats in the November mid term elections, because people would see the President as a victim of an unfair prosecution and rally around him.

  "There's a backlash aspect of this, and it could very well bolster Governor Perry's reputation in the state, and maybe even in the rest of the country," Weekley said.

  Some Democrats are also quietly criticizing activist groups like the Lone Star Project for the 'triumphalism' that was shown when the Perry indictment was issued on Friday.  They are afraid that the more serious the Democrats make out Perry's indictment to be, the stronger Perry will appear if he beats the indictment.

  "He'll be the guy who took on the worst his opponents could throw at him and won," one Democrat said.  "He can then say that he is the man who can take on Putin and ISIS and bring the same strength to the White House."