San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley, who has reshaped local government, assembled a blue ribbon city staff which is now a key formulator of policy, and has made the bold decision to take on the influential police and fire associations in a debate over health benefits, is the most powerful person in San Antonio today, according to a two month long study conducted by 1200 WOAI news.



  Sculley, 61, is praised by community leaders who talked with 1200 WOAI news for her effective management of city government, as well as for assembling a 'dream team' of city leaders, from Police Chief William McManus to Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Casandra Matej, and building San Antonio into a model of municipal operations which is being emulated by cities across the country.


  One observer says the fact that Sculley, who has been City Manager since 2005, has chosen this time to force the issue of health benefits for police and firefighters indicates she is at the apex of her influence.


  "She just didn't wake up yesterday and decide to take on this fight," the observer said.  "She has realized for years that this is an issue that needs to be addressed, but she waited until she felt that her authority was unquestioned before pulling the trigger."


  Number two and number three on the list, called 'The 25' are two business leaders.  Graham Weston, whose visionary leadership at Rackspace has helped transform San Antonio into a tech center, is number two, and Charles Butt, the Chairman and CEO of HEB, is number three.


  They are followed by two prominent political leaders, Mayor Julian Castro at number four, and County Judge Nelson Wolff at number five.


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