The San Antonio 2015 city budget unveiled by City Manager Sheryl Sculley today balances the books without a tax increase or any city layoffs.

  "There is no city property  tax rate increase," Sculley said.  "This would be the 22nd straight year that the city has not increased the property tax rate."

  Sculley said the focus of the budget is what she called 'basic city services.

  "The proposed budget adds $15 million for street maintenance," she said.  "This is in addition to the $52 million in street maintenance which is part of our infrastructure management program."

  She says 'basic services' was the key priority of City Council during budget hearings.

  The budget also increases $7 million extra in flooding prevention, as well as increases in street cleaning, mowing creekways, and boost funding for parks, libraries, adult literacy, and the city's comprehensive planning process.

  Just because the tax rate isn't going up doesn't mean that the city is not collecting more in property taxes.  The red hot real estate market and subsequent increase in property valuations means the city's real estate tax collections are way up.