We're in the middle of the 100 deadliest days of the year for teen drivers on Texas roads, with summer vacation, back to school, and the start of the football season all seeing teens pouring onto the roads, occasionally with deadly results.

  National Safety Council President and CEO Deborah Hersman, during a stop in San Antonio to promote a teen highway safety campaign called 'Drive it Home,' says these are dangerous days for teen drivers.

  "Texas is first in a lot of things, but one thing they don't want to be first in is teen driver fatalities," Hersman told Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason.  "Unfortunately, one thing Texas is first in that category.

  The Driver it Home program seeks to help parents understand the importance of their involvement during the first year that a teen has a drivers license.

  Car crashes are the biggest single cause of teenagers, killing more teens each year than homicide and suicide combined.

  "The 100 deadliest days are the days between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and these should be the days when kids are having fun," she said.  "Unfortunately, these are the days where we see the most fatalities on the road."

  Hersman says only 17% of Texas parents correctly identified motor vehicle crashes as the biggest threat facing their kids.

  She says parents need to have specific rules covering teen driving before teenagers get behind the wheel.

  "When they are expected to come in, if they are allowed to have people in the car with them, particularly when it comes to nighttime driving, and the number of teen passengers, are the most important things that can be done.

  The 'Driver it Home' teen safety campaign is cosponsored by the Allstate Foundation.