San Antonio Cab Drivers made no secret this afternoon of how they fell about 'ride sharing' services like 'Lyft' and 'Uber' invading their turf, as dozens of cabbies told a City Council Committee that the firms are interlopers and worse, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The first, which call themselves 'your friend with a car' and operate like one friend giving another friend a ride for a 'donation' instead of as actual passenger for hire firms, have begun recruiting drivers in San Antonio.


  David Mott said the firms are discriminatory and racist, because you have to have a smart phone and a bank account to use them, and he even involved Mayor Castro's mother in his argument against them.


  "If you don't have a smart phone and you have no access to a credit card, you can't use them," Mott said, pointing out that it is the poor and minorities who are more likely to be in that situation.  He said the ride sharing firms engage in 'redlining,' the now illegal practice of banks refusing to lend money in minority areas.


  "That is the future of redlining, that is transportation redlining," he said.  "What would Ramsey Muniz have said about that, what would Rosie Castro have said about that, what would Martin Luther King have said about that."


  Rosie Castro, the mother of Mayor Castro, is a well known civil rights activist.  Mayor Castro has come out in favor of Lyft and Uber.


  One speaker walked up to Police Chief William McManus and asked him how he would feel if an out of town company came to San Antonio and started declaring random people to be police officers, or if he simply declared himself to be a member of City Council.  Speakers said Lyft and Uber is doing the same thing, declaring individuals to be cab drivers, without having to go through the registration, inspections, and fees that they have to pay.


  McManus has already send a 'cease and desist' letter to Lyft, telling them that they are in violation of city taxi laws and that Lyft drivers are subject to arrest.