A disturbing autopsy report is raising new questions about the death of Incarnate Word student Robert Cameron Redus, who was shot and killed by an UIW police officer last December, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The autopsy report, obtained by 1200 WOAI news, reveals that the 23 year old was shot five times, and there is gunpowder on the man's body in many places, revealing that at least two of the  gunshots were at close range.


  The autopsy report reveals that one bullet entered Redus through his left eye, and traveled sharply downward, through the face bones and exited on the right side of his neck. There was stippling and gunpowder residue around the wound.


  But the Medical Examiner said the wound that killed Redus hit him in the back.  The bullet traveled back to front and cut through the upper portion of his heart. That wound also appeared to be have been inflicted at close range.  The five bullet wounds found in Redus' body were numbered in the report, but the Medical Examiner says it has no idea which of the shot was actually fired first.


  This could be inconsistent with the officer's claim that Redus was threatening him, charging toward him with his hands raised.


  There was no evidence that Redus had a gun or had fired a gun.


   "We are devastated by information contained in the report," the Redus family said in a statement e-mailed to 1200 WOAI news.  "We are stunned to learn that Cameron was shot in the back from very close range.  The report also shows that the shot to his eye was delivered at a downward angle, again from a very close range."


  The family said it is 'heartbroken and shaken to the core.'


  The toxicology report said Redus' blood alcohol content at the time of the shooting was .155, which is nearly twice the legal limit.  He also had a very small amount of cannabinoids in his system, evidence of a 'contact high' at a party.


  Redus was returning from an outing to celebrate the completion of the fall term when he had his confrontation with the officer, who states that Redus took away his baton and threatened him with it.


  But the Redus family says the autopsy report clearly shows that any threat to the officer had ended by the point that he was shot.


  "Cameron arrived safely at his apartment and legally and properly parked his vehicle without harming anyone," the family said.  "He had exited his vehicle and was walking to his home when the encounter began."


  The officer stated that he pulled Redus over off campus because he had seen him driving erratically on Broadway. 


  The family also questioned the professionalism of the UIW Police.


  "We are confident that had this encounter taken place on a public roadway and during a routine traffic stop that Cameron's alleged response and the ultimate outcome would have been different," the family said.  "Cameron's family also agrees with the opinion expressed by law enforcement officials that the outcome would have been different had a backup officer been on the scene."