Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl is being assigned to administrative duty at Army North at Ft. Sam Houston, officials tell News Radio 1200 WOAI.

  Bergdahl, 28, was released after five years as a prisoner of the Taliban in Afghanistan in May, and arrived at Ft. Sam Houston June 13th to undergo reintegration, a program that the Army uses to help individuals who have undergone traumatic experiences overseas to re-enter American life.

  "We are trying to normalize him back into the military family,"said Randy Mitchell, Chief of Public Affairs Training for Army North.

  He says Bergdahl will perform 'administrative duties' at Army North, which is the former Fifth Army.

  "He's an infantry guy, and we don't have infantry units here."

  Mitchell said it is usually standard procedure to return soldiers who have undergone reintegration to their former unit, but after five years, there is nobody still with Bergdahl's former unit who knows him.

  He says it makes sense to keep him at Ft. Sam Houston because the treatment he needs is available, and the investigation into his conduct in Afghanistan can take place.

  Bergdahl has gradually been reintegrated into society.  About two weeks ago, he was allowed to leave the post and go to restaurants, libraries, and other attractions in San Antonio.