Talk about a hard sell.  Jill Stein, the 2012 Presidential nominee of the Green Party who is fighting for the nomination in 2016, is bringing her party's campaign against fossil fuels like oil to Texas, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The 65 year old physician shook hands in San Antonio and talked about the state's oil economy, and the situation in places like the Eagle Ford.  She says the boom-bust cycle of the oil industry should be enough to convince Americans to support alternatives.

  "We have essentially a fossil fuel bust.  The price has crashed and communities have lost jobs and are seeing their water supplies get polluted as a result of climate change brought on by fossil fuels," she said.

  She says Green Party supports energy, just a new form of energy.

  "For every dollar that we spend creating one fossil fuel job, we can create three jobs in conservation and renewable energy," she said.  "Texas is the Mecca of solar energy and wind.  Texas and its energy leaders can lead the nation into alternative energy, and we are at a time when we can actually lead the world forwards."

  Stein says with so many Americans fed up with the Republicans and the Democrats, and turning to 'alternatives,' this should be a good time for the Greens and other parties.

  "One out of every two voters is neither a Republican or a Democrat," she said.  "If we don't open up the debates, we are essentially locking out 50% of voters."

  But Stein says the debates, which are run by the parties, are set up to block alternative parties.  She says the Democrats and the Republicans both 'serve the corporate elite, not the people.'

  "American voters are clamoring for more voices and more choices," she said.  "We have the right to a vote, but we also have the right to know who we are voting for."

  Stein says in Europe, the Green Party and other parties have seats in Parliaments, because the system is not rigged in favor of two major parties like it is in the U.S.

  "My campaign is dedicated to empowering the American people to make real the promise of democracy, and set our own course for a brighter future."