The Bexar County District Attorney is forming a Conviction Integrity Unit, to look into newly discovered evidence and new scientific evidence which indicates that a person who has been convicted and is in prison may be innocent, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  It is the first time Bexar County has established a unit of this nature.  The Dallas and Harris County District Attorneys established similar units several years ago.

  First Assistant DA Woodrow Halsted says it isn't about the convictions and the sentences, it's about justice.

  "Our office will always seek to do what is right," Halsted said.  "If we discover credible evidence that calls into question a past conviction, we will undertake an honest assessment of that evidence to ensure the integrity of Bexar County's criminal justice system."

  The unit will be headed by a veteran criminal defense lawyer, Jay Brandon, who has also served as staff attorney for the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals.

  Halsted said the goal is to 'ensure there are no innocent Bexar County defendants in prison.

  Several inmates have been released from the Texas prison system in the last few years, including some who were released from Death Row, after new scientific evidence determined that they were innocent of the crimes they were convicted of.