A police officer is hospitalized and another was treated following a shooting at the CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Emergency Center--Alon near the Alon Market on Northwest Military, 1200 WOAI news reports.

Police Chief William McManus says the incident began when officers were called to subdue a patient who was having psychological issues.

The two officers began to struggle with the physically large patient, who did not respond to being physically restrained or Tazed.

McManus says the patient punched one of the officers and knocked her out, then grabbed the other officer's gun.

In the struggle, the male officer was shot in the leg.  The female officer then shot the patient in the chest, wounding him.

The officer who was shot is hospitalized  for his gunshot wound , as is the patient.  The female officer was treated for facial lacerations and released.

The patient is expected to face charges.  The two officers, as is police procedure, will be placed on desk duty until an investigation is complete.