The Transportation Security Administration is opening San Antonio International Airport to its list of places where certain passengers can breeze through security, avoiding the groping and the stripping.


  Called the Pre-Check program, local TSA Security Chief Jess Presses says the way you get on the list is generally by being recommended by an airline which you fly frequently.


  "The program is available here for eligible passengers flying with American, United, Southwest, US Airways, Delta, and Alaska Airlines," he said.


  Customers of the Customs and Border Protection Global Entry Program are also eligible.


  In addition, regular fliers will soon be able to get on the list.


  "Later this year, TSA will also launch an application process for those who want to join TSA Pre-check, but are not invited by the airlines.

  And next time you go to the airport, you might get lucky too.  Presses says random passengers will be included in the Pre-check.  You'll be told if you are selected when you get to the lectern at the security counter where the TSA officer checks boarding passes.


  But being in Pre-Check doesn't mean you will never have to take off your shoes.  He says random pre-check passengers will still be required to go through the full security process, to maintain security.