Police in Garden Ridge came up empty Saturday in their search for Leanne Bearden, the 33 year old colorado woman who vanished after leaving her in laws home to go for a walk nine days ago, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  "We have exhausted the area, but we will continue following up on all leads," Garden Ridge Police Chief Donna O'Conner said.  "I don't think there is any place where we haven't searched.

  Police were helped by Texas Rangers, helicopters, and a professional search team using trained dogs when they scoured a 23 square mile ring around the place where Bearden was last seen.  Officials say they found no evidence of Bearden, and no evidence of foul play, a struggle, or an item of clothing which could shed some light on a case that Bearden's family calls 'befuddling.'

  "She climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, but she vanishes while taking a walk in Garden Ridge?" Leanne's brother Michael Hecht asked credulously.

  No further full sized police-led searches are planned at this time, although family members, friends, and the Heidi Search Center say they will continue to look for any sign of her.

  "The fact that she was not found encourages us to believe that she still survives and will eventually be reunited with us," her family wrote on a Facebook page devoted to making sure she is located.