The Texas DEA tells 1200 WOAI news that it has experienced the first case of a Texan being treated for using a new type of drug which leaves the user with flesh lesions and turns the skin a scaly green color.


  It is for that reason that the drug, known as the 'poor man's heroin,' is known as 'krokadil,' or 'crocodile.'


  "It was developed in rural Russia about ten years ago," DEA special agent Steve Whipple told 1200 WOAI news.  "It was there attempt to make hillbilly heroin, for lack of a better word, cheap heroin."


  'Krokadil' is bastard Russian for 'crocodile.'

  The 17 year old girl from Houston checked into a hospital in the Mexican state of Jalisco, where she had gone to visit relatives over the holidays.  She was complaining of digestive problems, and doctors notices the fresh skin lesions and diagnosed the drug use.


  Officials say the girl told them that she obtained the krokadil from a dealer in Houston.  DEA agents are now keeping an eye on Texas emergency rooms, to see if any more cases pop up here.  No evidecen has been found, so far, in any DEA laboratory.


  "If it is in fact in Texas we want to find it and stop it," Whipple said.  "This is a bad drug."


  Researchers say Russian chemists cooked up the homemade concoction, using the prescription painkiller codeine, along with other scary chemicals including gasoline and phosphorus.  Whipple said it is popular in rural Russia but so far has not been seen in Texas.