If you left your heart in San Francisco you found it again in San Antonio, because San Antonio, the 'City of Yellow Roses,'  has been named the most romantic city in America by Amazon.com.


Amazon looked at every city in the USA on a number of factors, from purchases of romance novels and relationship books, viewing of romantic comedies and romantic music, and sales of what Amazon delicately describes as 'sexual wellness products,' and what most people call 'sex toys.'


Casandra Matej, a hopeless romantic who heads the city's Convention and Visitor's Bureau, has no doubt that the rankings are accurate.


"The Riverwalk, with all of the marriages which are taking place on Marriage Island, definitely makes this a wonderful, romantic destination," she said.


Amazon says it did the study on a per capita basis, so sales of tons of sex toys in New York City wouldn't bury the other cites. For example, sales of music by Barry White would push a city up on the list, while hot sales of music by Eternal Tears of Sorrow would be a real negative.


"People tell me they have gotten engaged in San Antonio, they have had their destination wedding in San Antonio," Matej said.


The second most romantic city in the U.S. Seattle, followed by, for some reason, Knoxville, Tennessee.


Other super romantic U.S. cities include Miami, Orlando, and, interestingly, Round Rock Texas.