Photo: IVY PHOTOS/Shutterstock

     With Monday’s mass shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C, gun sales have gone up.

      Owner of Texas Guns on Bandera Rd. in San Antonio, Jerry McCall  says he’s seen a 40 percent increase in gun and ammo sales this week alone.

      “Individuals are concerned that the police will not get to them in time if they needed to protect their families,” McCall said. “It’s fear that brings them out to buy firearms.”

      Gun buyers just want peace of mind, that if something happens, they will be able to protect themselves, McCall said.

      “It's the fear factor,” he said. “They realize that if something happens that they must protect themselves and their families, no matter the situation.”

      Mass shootings help add to the paranoia, but also the fear that stricter gun control laws will eventually take away their second amendment right, McCall said.

     “The amount of guns that we’ve sold in the last five to six month has set all precedents for the United States, ever,” McCall said. “Ammo is in very short supply, manufactures can't keep up with the demand… that should say a lot about what people are thinking.”